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Matthew DiSogra, MS, PE

EDR Services Manager

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"I enjoy that no two days are ever the same at DELTA |v|."

Matthew DiSogra joined DELTA |v| in 2013. Our resident EDR Service Manager, he is one of a select group of consultants in North America certified to harvest data from Mack/Volvo event data recorders.

An Event Data Recorder (EDR), is a device installed in a motor vehicle that records technical vehicle information before, during, and after a crash. Matt’s team provides research-backed EDR expertise to experts, investigators, and attorneys around the country to help them uncover the facts surrounding an incident. The EDR Team is adept at both on-site (at accident scenes or wrecker shops) and in-house imaging handled in DELTA |v|’s cutting-edge EDR lab.

Originally from New Jersey, Matt received both his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It was there he honed his management and conflict resolution skills, serving several semesters as an undergraduate RA. Matt received early real-world experience through an NCDOT-funded program where he analyzed the performance of vehicle impacts to guardrails.

You’ll find Matt geeking out with his team building cables and analyzing code or cracking jokes in the breakroom. At home, he prefers tinkering around in his garage or a variety of different projects, engaging over the air via Ham Radio license (FCC – N2HAX), or working on his vehicles. He’s also a raspberry pie connoisseur.