Because the facts can’t speak for themselves.

Collisions leave their marks. Whether it’s a dented fender or a damaged guardrail, the signs are there, just waiting to be translated. How fast was the vehicle moving? Where did the impact occur? It takes the right team to follow the clues and complete the whole picture.

At DELTA |v|, we pride ourselves on reaching the scene fast—anywhere in the country. Our rapid response teams are ready to deploy from offices in Charlotte, Nashville, and Denver, allowing us to reach the scene on the same day. Is the collision farther away? We are also ready to fly to other parts of the country on a moment’s notice. Once they arrive, our team members examine the evidence, using the most cutting-edge technology to determine what really happened.

Is your organization already in litigation? We can help. Our team stands ready to assist you throughout the entire legal process, presenting the facts in a clear and compelling manner, every step of the way.