Digital Media

DELTA |v|’s media team, REDLINE Forensic Studios, gives life to the science and math of engineering.  We customize solutions based on the evidence and analysis of each incident.  All formats are physics-based and completely tailored to each client’s needs.  Our digital media work takes on a voice of its own in any venue.


  • Video Cleanup & Enhancement
  • Infographics
  • Static Renders
  • Animation

Why We are the Experts

  • We are qualified forensic animation experts.
  • REDLINE utilizes the most advanced animation software.
  • Our services range from 2D line drawings to full-service 3D animations allowing us to meet any budget.
  • Our team developed “An Official Rules of Engagement” to better serve our digital media clients.
  • We understand all forensic animation mediums and venues.
  • We are qualified to evaluate third-party animations.
  • Our deliverables are customized to meet your budget and time constraints.
  • Our solutions simplify complex ideas or scenarios that may be difficult to visualize.

For more information, visit REDLINE’s website.