EDR Service Group

Amit Patel, BS

Associate Engineer

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"Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems. - Scott Adams"

Amit Patel began his career at DELTA |v| in 2021 as an Associate Engineer for our EDR Team in Charlotte. His strong work ethic and desire to learn new things allowed him to graduate from N.C. State University with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Amit’s work day consists of working with the EDR team on vehicle data downloads, data recovery, and developing new solutions for extracting and analyzing data.

His passion for mixing hands-on work with electrical engineering design to evaluate problems and create more efficient solutions is what drives his passion for the engineering field. What drew him to work for DELTA |v| was the opportunity to gain experience working in the EDR lab trying to fix things and develop new designs. Being a car enthusiast, he was also excited to get exposure to vehicle black box downloads and analyzing all the incident data they store. 

A gamer with an insatiable curiosity for new technology, Amit spends a lot of his free time gaming and keeping up with the latest tech innovations. He enjoys spending time outside golfing or playing tennis with friends as well as trying out all of the incredible restaurants throughout Uptown Charlotte.