Matthew DiSogra joined DELTA |v| in 2013. Our resident EDR Service Manager, he is one of a select group of consultants in North America certified to harvest data from Mack/Volvo event data recorders.

An Event Data Recorder (EDR), is a device installed in a motor vehicle that records technical vehicle information before, during, and after a crash. Matt’s team provides research-backed EDR expertise to experts, investigators, and attorneys around the country to help them uncover the facts surrounding an incident. The EDR Team is adept at both on-site (at accident scenes or wrecker shops) and in-house imaging handled in DELTA |v|’s cutting-edge EDR lab.

Originally from New Jersey, Matt received both his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. It was there he honed his management and conflict resolution skills, serving several semesters as an undergraduate RA. Matt received early real-world experience through an NCDOT-funded program where he analyzed the performance of vehicle impacts to guardrails.

You’ll find Matt geeking out with his team building cables and analyzing code or cracking jokes in the breakroom. At home, he prefers tinkering around in his garage or a variety of different projects, engaging over the air via Ham Radio license (FCC – N2HAX), or working on his vehicles. He’s also a raspberry pie connoisseur.

Charles Getz began his career at DELTA |v| in 2016 after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Graphics from N.C. State University. Charles brings a great deal of knowledge and a strong work ethic to the table. His work days consist of creating impeccable reconstruction analyses, seamlessly assisting senior engineers with field work and file review, and carefully preparing CAD drawings for depositions. Senior engineers and clients rely on Charles and his stellar work to efficiently resolve their motor vehicle matters.

Charles held various positions in college that taught him new things in their own unique way. He worked as a machine operator at a waterjet fabrication business, where he learned how to solve mechanical issues outside of the classroom. He taught kids how to drive race cars at a summer camp, where he honed in on his auto mechanics skills, and patience. As an intern with the N.C. Department of Transportation Rail Division he worked alongside the engineering staff to prepare CAD drawings and put together car refurbishment documentation. This internship taught him the valuable lesson of how to effectively collaborate with coworkers.

In his spare time Charles enjoys blazing a trail by hiking, snowboarding, or winding his 1973 Datsun 240z down a curvy road.



Amit Patel began his career at DELTA |v| in 2021 as an Associate Engineer for our EDR Team in Charlotte. His strong work ethic and desire to learn new things allowed him to graduate from N.C. State University with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Amit’s work day consists of working with the EDR team on vehicle data downloads, data recovery, and developing new solutions for extracting and analyzing data.

His passion for mixing hands-on work with electrical engineering design to evaluate problems and create more efficient solutions is what drives his passion for the engineering field. What drew him to work for DELTA |v| was the opportunity to gain experience working in the EDR lab trying to fix things and develop new designs. Being a car enthusiast, he was also excited to get exposure to vehicle black box downloads and analyzing all the incident data they store. 

A gamer with an insatiable curiosity for new technology, Amit spends a lot of his free time gaming and keeping up with the latest tech innovations. He enjoys spending time outside golfing or playing tennis with friends as well as trying out all of the incredible restaurants throughout Uptown Charlotte. 

Pearl Laverick, EDR Client Engagement Manager, joined the DELTA |v| team in 2017 and has been a rock star ever since. Pearl serves as the liaison between our clients and engineers to make sure our clients’ needs are communicated properly to our engineers.  She is the first person that EDR clients speak to when they need a heavy vehicle or passenger vehicle download, chip transfer, or other data harvesting service. Pearl also keeps projects organized and on schedule. With her positive attitude, cheery personality, and knack for project management, Pearl has no problem keeping clients happy.

Since graduating from Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Ireland with a Business Studies degree, Pearl has worked in various IT business roles, including with 3D Systems as a Global Technical Support Coordinator. Pearl also has experience working at engineering firms in business administrator capacities, a great asset to her role at DELTA |v|.

Pearl stays busy hanging out with her two daughters, husband, and four dogs. Her family loves to see and try new things through travel. They visit Ireland once a year to spend quality time with her extended family and like to visit other European countries. When she’s not working, spending time with family and friends, or traveling, Pearl also enjoys cozying up to a good book or venturing out to a new, exciting restaurant in Charlotte.



Kandace Kreigsman, EDR Client Engagement Associate, joined the DELTA |v| team in 2021. Kandace handles incoming projects and helps manage their due dates, files, and client correspondence. Her positive attitude and strong passion for organization serve as vital roles in ensuring projects stay on schedule and our clients are happy. 

Growing up, Kandace’s father worked in law enforcement, sparking her interest in all things related to the legal system, crime, and forensic investigation. This inspired her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Sociology minor from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte in 2018. 

Kandace is excited to work at DELTA |v| not only because of her interest in the field of forensics and accident reconstruction but also because of the team-oriented culture. She is looking forward to developing close relationships with coworkers while also using the skills she learned in her studies to contribute to the success of the company. 

Outside of work, Kandace loves to be active doing workouts at Planet Fitness or at home, hike nature trails, or go biking. On the weekends, you can find her hanging out with friends at a local brewery, trying out a new restaurant, or relaxing at home with a coloring book and a good movie.