Danierian Williams, MS

Business Analyst

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"Never complain about having too much on your plate when your goal is to eat. - Unknown"

Danierian Williams, Business Analyst, joined the DELTA |v| team in 2021. Danierian’s responsibilities at DELTA |v| are to conduct statistical data analysis of internal and external metrics as well as geographical market analysis surrounding motor vehicle accidents and other key parameters. Danierian is looking forward to working at DELTA |v| because of the intentional emphasis the company places on maintaining a positive work culture and “work-life harmony.” His incredible talents in complex mathematics as well as his excitement for new challenges and opportunities make him a great asset to the DELTA |v| team.

A determined and hardworking student, Danierian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Claflin University and a Dual Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Missouri. What inspired Danierian to pursue an education in mathematics was his natural passion for numbers and taking a deep dive into raw data to discover what the numbers are demonstrating. In his own words:, “It is important to have someone that understands what the data means and has the ability to tell the story behind the numbers.”

Of his accomplishments to date, Danierian is most proud of his time at Claflin helping his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, start the “Adopt-A-Family” initiative. This student-led community service initiative chose a local family in need each semester and supported them with services they needed each month. 

Outside of work, Danierian enjoys working out at the gym, painting, hanging out with friends, and exploring the nightlife in Charlotte.