Brian Anders, MS, MBA, PE


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"People fuel me."

Brian Anders founded DELTA |v| in 2004 after devoting nine years to the motor vehicle accident reconstruction industry. His primary responsibility is focusing on the overall growth of the company. In this role, he influences talent development, client expansion and financial management. He is also the keeper of DELTA |v|’s culture—a role of utmost importance to him.

Working after high school as a full-time dockworker and switcher operator for a local trucking company during difficult financial times, Brian earned enough to work his way through school. After nine years, he had earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on heavy truck brake systems. During college, he also assisted his future wife on private investigation assignments with her company.

Brian combined his introduction to trucking, his education in engineering, and exposure to investigations to launch a career in the industry of heavy vehicle accident reconstruction. He quickly developed a knack for developing strong working relationships with clients and found the business of professional services very rewarding.

After 18 years practicing as a Professional Engineer, DELTA |v| collectively decided to have Brian switch gears and focus on developing the company into a firm with integrity and longevity, where both colleagues and clients can thrive. He continues to mentor colleagues on various technical matters, but most often on the best practices of nurturing healthy client relationships. His overall goal is to have a positive impact on each professional life that he touches.

Outside of DELTA |v|, Brian enjoys competing in triathlons and spending time with his wife and two daughters.