Daniel Bowman, BS, PE

Nashville Regional Manager

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

Daniel (Dan) Bowman, Professional Engineer, joined DELTA |v| in 2015 looking for a place to express his investigative nature and he hasn’t looked back since. Daniel is one of DELTA |v|’s go-to guys for creating 3D simulations using HVE (human, vehicle, and environment), a software program that uses physics and data from an incident to produce incident recreations, create steering and brake input visuals, evaluate driver responses, and explain vehicle handling behaviors. Senior engineers and clients are able to use this information to better understand how an incident unfolded.

In search of warm weather and a reputable engineering degree, Daniel moved from upstate New York to attend Georgia Tech, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. Before joining DELTA |v| he worked as a high school math and science teacher, where he sharpened his knowledge sharing and explanation skills. These skills have proven useful in his role at DELTA |v|. In January 2022, Dan took on the role of Regional Manager in the Nashville office.

Daniel is competitive by nature so he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, golf, and football. He is also inquisitive, so he enjoys exploring in his boat.