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Gaining access to a wrecker yard….
July 2013

…isn’t always the problem. Sometimes getting out is the bigger challenge.   *DELTA |v| Forensic Engineering helps attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle claims through engineering expertise.  We are known for handling high exposure, complex matters with an engaging approach to working with clients.  DELTA |v| was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and has […]

In-house computer forensics training gives insights
June 2013

Giovanni Masucci CEO/President of National Digital Forensics provided in-house training to our technical staff.  This was an opportunity for our digital media professionals and engineers to gain insights into other areas of digital data harvesting, such as, cell phones, mobile devices and laptops.  The tools and techniques available for harvesting phone usage and location data […]

Tim Cheek, MS, PE teaches SAE course on truck “black boxes”
May 2013

Tim Cheek of DELTA |v| leads a multi-day course on heavy vehicle event data recorders, often referred to as “black boxes”.  This class is offered through the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a prestigious organization founded in 1905 at the dawn of the automobile age.  It is the same “SAE” that’s on oil cans.  Being […]

Congrats to Heath Spivey for earning his PE license!!
January 2012

Obtaining a Professional Engineering license is much more arduous than many realize.  The traditional path to licensure takes nine (9) years of combined formal education and apprenticeship experience.  A candidate must also pass two 8 hour exams.  We are very proud of Heath for successfully pursuing and achieving this goal.  The hard work, education and […]

EDR Update – Fall 2011
November 2011

DELTA [v] is dedicated to keeping the industry apprised of the latest Motor Vehicle Event Data Recording capabilities. And recently, there have been several developments in Vehicle Incident Data availability & preservation.   Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDRs) DELTA [v] recently updated its HVEDR magnet to include more manufacturers and models. Manufacturer additions include Volvo, International, and PACCAR engines.  2011 […]