In-house computer forensics training gives insights

Giovanni Masucci CEO/President of National Digital Forensics provided in-house training to our technical staff.  This was an opportunity for our digital media professionals and engineers to gain insights into other areas of digital data harvesting, such as, cell phones, mobile devices and laptops.  The tools and techniques available for harvesting phone usage and location data are quickly evolving and proper techniques to preserve this information continues to be refined.  We expect to see more opportunities to determine how motor vehicle accidents happen based on data retrieved from personal mobile devices used in vehicles.  And of course, this gathering allowed our staff to collaborate on how to help clients resolve motor vehicle claims with our technical expertise.


*DELTA |v| Forensic Engineering helps attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle claims through engineering expertise.  We are known for handling high exposure, complex matters with an engaging approach to clients.  DELTA |v| was born in Charlotte, NC and has worked across the United States and internationally.  Our motto is “Resolution through engineering.”