EDR Update – Fall 2011

DELTA [v] is dedicated to keeping the industry apprised of the latest Motor Vehicle Event Data Recording capabilities. And recently, there have been several developments in Vehicle Incident Data availability & preservation.


Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDRs)

DELTA [v] recently updated its HVEDR magnet to include more manufacturers and models. Manufacturer additions include Volvo, International, and PACCAR engines.  2011 & 2012 Model years are also included with this update.

The below graphic explains diagnostic &  incident data recording capabilities for each engine manufacturer.  Diagnostic Data is triggered by engine sensors receiving data outside of their normal operating parameters.  Limited Incident Data refers to engines where data recording is not factory enabled but may be activated by the owner. Incident Data may include Speed, % Throttle, Brake, Engine RPM, and  other collision-related info.

HVEDR Magnet

Passenger Vehicles Event Data Recorders

More data than ever also rings true in the passenger vehicle world.  Toyota recently made its data imaging software and hardware publicly available.   The addition of Toyota vehicles includes select Scion & Lexus vehicles. DELTA [v] now has the ability to image air bag control modules on any the vehicle listed below.

Passenger Vehicle CDR


GPS Devices: Your Personal GPS Unit May Have Something to Add

Global Positioning Systems (also known as GPS Devices) are a common tool drivers use to navigate roadways. These devices may also contain data that helps us understand motor vehicle incidents.   Modern GPS devices may record paths of travel, elevation, longitude & latitude, and vehicle speeds.

For instance,  the map below shows the path of travel for DELTA [v]’s own, Tom Bemont during a recent trip from Raleigh, NC. The images and data below were downloaded from Tom’s Garmin GPS unit.

Garmin Map

Path of Travel is represented by dark grey line and red arrows.

Path of Travel is represented by dark grey line and red arrows.

Garmin Data
Above image provides time, date, elevation, speed & positional coordinates.