Tim Cheek, MS, PE teaches SAE course on truck “black boxes”

TMCTim Cheek of DELTA |v| leads a multi-day course on heavy vehicle event data recorders, often referred to as “black boxes”.  This class is offered through the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a prestigious organization founded in 1905 at the dawn of the automobile age.  It is the same “SAE” that’s on oil cans.  Being authorized to present with such a long-standing organization is quite the honor.


 Tim has teamed up with John Steiner of KEVA and David Plant of David Plant, PE to present the latest developments in electronic recording devices found on most commercial heavy vehicles.  The class is comprised of classroom work and hands-on vehicle inspections conducted at the training facilities of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

Police Training facility


Approximately 25 accident reconstruction experts and manufacturing professionals attended this intensive experience to develop their expertise.  Tim enjoys rubbing elbows with such a high caliber and committed group of professionals when teaching the class.  It is a great learning experience for everyone involved and ultimately translates to helping clients obtain crucial vehicle data after a crash.  This class is scheduled to be offered in the Spring and Fall in the future.



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