DELTA |v| News

Mack/Volvo EDR Insights from Matt DiSogra, MS, PE
March 2017

A proven leader in the DELTA |v| EDR department and a seasoned speaker, our very own Matt DiSogra, MS, PE, will be speaking at the 2017 EDR Summit next week. Summit attendees come from various industries, including law enforcement, insurance, government, legal, and accident reconstruction. Matt is one of a select group of consultants in […]

Happy 11th birthday to DELTA |v|
July 2015

We are excited to announce that DELTA |v| is celebrating 11 years of service as of July 2015.  The firm began with a single engineer and has matured into an enterprise that has handled accident reconstruction assignments throughout the United States and internationally, including the U.K., Canada, Bahamas and Kuwait.  It has been quite an […]

3D scanner data collected by DELTA |v| admitted in trial court
July 2015

Admissibility of new technology can make the civil trial courts nervous.  DELTA |v| has been using the latest in 3D scanning technology to document incident sites and vehicles on nearly every assignment since 2013.  A 3D scanner takes millions of measurements and a collection of photographs to digitally capture terrain and surrounding objects.  These data points […]

Newsroom is back in action
June 2015

We have re-launched the DELTA |v| newsroom along with our newly designed website.  It has been awhile since posting DELTA |v| or industry news and we are looking forward to keeping this area of our online presence current.  As a professional services firm, we feel that it is important to let clients and prospective employees understand our […]

DELTA |v| logo refresh – What’s in a name?
October 2014

Much discussion has swirled in the business communities around naming a company.  Household names like UPS, Google and Coke are instantly identifiable.  A great name is supposed to define your offering and be memorable by your customers.  Many service companies like law, accounting and engineering firms are named after their founding members who had built strong, individual […]