3D scanner data collected by DELTA |v| admitted in trial court

Admissibility of new technology can make the civil trial courts nervous.  DELTA |v| has been using the latest in 3D scanning technology to document incident sites and vehicles on nearly every assignment since 2013.  A 3D scanner takes millions of measurements and a collection of photographs to digitally capture terrain and surrounding objects.  These data points are gathered into a point cloud that is meshed into a full 3D digital model.

We recently had an opportunity to present this technology in a civil trial in North Carolina.  The matter involved the North Carolina DOT who had prepared certified engineering drawings of a roadway system that DELTA |v| was asked to recreate through digital modeling and animation content.  The source data for our elaborate graphics involved 3D scanner data collected by the DELTA |v| team at the survey site.  With the DOT involved, we knew every measurement and graphical representation would be cross-checked and under extreme scrutiny from the NC DOT.

Thankfully, the North Carolina trial court allowed all of our 3D scanner data and digital renderings to be presented before the jury.  The credibility of this work was so readily embraced that the trial judge allowed our client to present it during opening statements, even before authenticated by a DELTA |v| expert!  DELTA |v| continues to employ new technologies in a thoughtful way as we strive to help attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle matters.


*DELTA |v| Forensic Engineering helps attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle matters through our engineering expertise.  We are known for handling high exposure, complex assignments with an engaging approach to clients.  DELTA |v| was born in Charlotte, NC and has worked across the United States and internationally.  Our motto is “Resolution through engineering.”