Happy 11th birthday to DELTA |v|

We are excited to announce that DELTA |v| is celebrating 11 years of service as of July 2015.  The firm began with a single engineer and has matured into an enterprise that has handled accident reconstruction assignments throughout the United States and internationally, including the U.K., Canada, Bahamas and Kuwait.  It has been quite an experience seeing this company take on a life of its own.  Our enthusiasm to help attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle matters has been infectious.  We are grateful for everyone who has supported our efforts to create a special culture where professionals thrive and clients benefit.

Eleven years is definitely a milestone worth celebrating but we’re just getting started!  We have a bright future ahead and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with our colleagues and industry friends.


*DELTA |v| Forensic Engineering helps attorneys and their clients resolve motor vehicle matters through engineering expertise.  We are known for handling high exposure, complex assignments with an engaging approach to clients.  DELTA |v| was born in Charlotte, NC and has worked across the United States and internationally.  Our motto is “Resolution through engineering.”