Resident CAD Expert Attends Industry Conference

Tom Bemont Participates in Autodesk University 2010

LasVegas, NV  – November 2010 – Tom  Bemont, draftsman at DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, Inc., attended Autodesk’s University 2010 (AU), an annual conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, NV. The three-day conference allows Autodesk users to attend keynote presentations, classes, and product demonstrations.

Tom attended the “Photo Based Reality Captured” course that explained how vehicle photos can be uploaded to the Autodesk cloud and transformed into a 3D model.  This technique is demonstrated in the images below. He also completed a “60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes” course that offered suggestions on how improve efficiency and workflow.  During the conference, Tom heard from the Autodesk CEO who shared practical application case studies for the technology by showcasing several different industry.

DELTA [v] uses AutoCAD frequently during a motor vehicle collision investigation. After the DELTA [v] team returns from a scene investigation, Tom uses AutoCAD to produce 2D line drawings of the collision site.  The software is also used throughout the engineering analysis process to measure braking distances.

Upon return his return from AU, Tom said “I really enjoyed the expo show.  To see future products and technology is exciting and energizing. I am anxious to use these technologies in my daily work.”

Step 1: Photograph vehicle.

Step 2: Upload photo to the Autodesk cloud.

Step 3: Obtain 3D model for digital media team.