Data Harvesting

Why We Are Experts

  • We are the only engineering firm on the East Coast that can download any EDR equipped passenger or commercial vehicle.
  • We are Mack/Volvo Designated Affiliate for the East Coast handling all Mack/Volvo ECM extractions on the East.
  • We are established in the recovery of data from severely damaged EDRs, including chip transfers.
  • Our engineers are active among EDR Design Standards Committees.
  • We have published industry papers on EDRs.
  • Our team has developed a HVEDR Training Manual.
  • Our client EDR educational events have been recognized by industry associations for their content and format.
  • We possess in-house all available EDR extraction hardware and software.
  • Our experts hold industry CDR certifications.
  • We have hosted EDR related training for the legal, insurance and fleet communities.