William Tran, BS

Associate Engineer

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"At its heart engineering is about using science to find creative practical solutions. – Queen Elizabeth II"

Will Tran joined DELTA |v| in 2020 as an Associate Engineer in the Atlanta office.

His passion for mixing hands-on work with engineering principles to dissect problems and create solutions has always encouraged his love for mechanical engineering. It has also opened his eyes to the endless opportunities one can explore within the field. This includes automotive – a newly developed passion that led him to DELTA |v|.

Will chose to join DELTA |v| for its culture and community, work balance, and the unique industry of forensic engineering. In his own words, he most appreciates:

“Being able to apply my recently developed passion of automotive with the fascinating field of forensic engineering, where problem-solving and critical thinking skills can be applied to a real-world application of vehicle collision to unravel the story behind each collision.”

While every day will be different, Will’s responsibilities consist mostly of traveling to assist with fieldwork, imaging vehicle incident data, or documenting collision sites and vehicles. As an Associate Engineer, he is eager to work with and learn from his fellow, more experienced colleagues and obtain a better understanding of the fundamentals of vehicle collision forensics.

Will graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In his third year, his passion for automotive began while participating in a wreck racing club. Club members were given a tight budget to build a car from different parts gathered from junkyards, eBay, or made in the lab to compete in the annual grassroots competition.

Outside of work, Will loves exploring food through baking, cooking, and eating out. He has even made his own pizza steel to mimic a pizza oven at home and has experimented with cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, Korean, and more. When he’s not in the kitchen or out discovering new eateries, Will learns about different automotive systems and attempts repairs to his 21-year-old Honda Accord.