EDR Service Group

Peyton Anders

Summer Intern

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"I reject your reality and substitute my own. - Adam Savage"

Peyton Anders joined the DELTA |v| team in 2021 as an EDR Intern in our Charlotte Office. She is currently pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree with a minor in Computational Mathematics from Florida Tech. 

Peyton will be working alongside our EDR team completing benchtop downloads and cable construction. Her thirst for knowledge and natural problem solving abilities have allowed her additional opportunities to assist in researching resource improvements and data analysis programming.

What drew her to work for DELTA |v| was the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience and be involved in researching coding related data analysis projects. Peyton loves working with numbers and analyzing large sets of data to find trends. Her diligent work ethic and strong attention to detail makes her a great addition to the team.

Outside of work, Peyton enjoys racing in triathlons, running, skateboarding, and hanging out with her dog Charlie.