Heath Spivey is a DELTA |v| expert experienced in international testimony. While his charming southern accent wasn’t the norm in the United Kingdom, the quality of his work and trial testimony were well understood.

Professionally, Heath is the embodiment of perseverance. Heath joined DELTA |v| in 2007 as an Associate Engineer, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University. Since then, he has worked tirelessly managing complex client files during the day while earning a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at night and on weekends.  His Master’s thesis focuses on nighttime human factors and has been invaluable in helping clients resolve motor vehicle claims. Heath also has advanced professionally through formal training in vehicle simulation analysis and data harvesting of event data recorders in all kinds of vehicles.

Heath’s pioneering spirit also helped launch DELTA |v|’s second regional office, bringing local boots-on-the-ground services to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014.  A major milestone in the company’s history, the Nashville office has been well-received by clients needing a reliable resource in the area. Heath combines his technical prowess with an easygoing and approachable style that lends him great credibility when testifying in various legal settings.

In his free time, Heath enjoys boating, kickball, mountain biking, and participating in mud runs.  With his outgoing personality, it’s no surprise that he thrives at DELTA |v|.

John Liechty joined DELTA |v| in 2016 and he has been a great addition to the team. His excitement about the heavy vehicle event data recorder (HVEDR) and accident reconstruction work DELTA |v| is doing, as well as his longtime friendships with a few DELTA |v| employees, have helped him fit in very well.

His areas of specialization include passenger and commercial motor vehicle collision analyses, vehicle-pedestrian accident reconstructions, collision speed analyses, acceleration and braking analyses, vehicle dynamics, brake system inspections and evaluations, and failure analyses. He is also well-versed in giving depositions and in-trial testimonies.

John received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University. He’s since participated in various continuing education opportunities, including the most recent ARC-CSI Crash Conference hosted by the Collision Safety Institute and Collision Publishing.

John knew from the age of seven that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an engineer.  As a kid and later as a teenager he would help his father keep the family vehicles in good order and on weekends he would help friends work on their dirt track cars, hot rods, and road racers.

John applies his love for motor vehicles and problem-solving to his latest auto restoration project, a red 1974 Chevy Camaro. He also enjoys exploring the great outdoors, whether that’s by riding his motorcycle or hiking through the backcountry.


Daniel (Dan) Bowman, Professional Engineer, joined DELTA |v| in 2015 looking for a place to express his investigative nature and he hasn’t looked back since. Daniel is one of DELTA |v|’s go-to guys for creating 3D simulations using HVE (human, vehicle, and environment), a software program that uses physics and data from an incident to produce incident recreations, create steering and brake input visuals, evaluate driver responses, and explain vehicle handling behaviors. Senior engineers and clients are able to use this information to better understand how an incident unfolded.

In search of warm weather and a reputable engineering degree, Daniel moved from upstate New York to attend Georgia Tech, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. Before joining DELTA |v| he worked as a high school math and science teacher, where he sharpened his knowledge sharing and explanation skills. These skills have proven useful in his role at DELTA |v|.

Daniel is competitive by nature so he enjoys playing basketball, soccer, golf, and football. He is also inquisitive, so he enjoys exploring in his boat.










Eric Speer joined DELTA |v| as an Associate Engineer in 2018. Before joining DELTA |v|, he was a Field Quality Engineering Intern at Nissan Motor Corporation and conducted biomechanical research at Vanderbilt.

He chose DELTA |v| because of its culture of promoting the engineering discipline and its service to clients. Eric is excited to be working with and learning from a team of talented engineers with diverse backgrounds.

He is constantly striving to increase innovation in the engineering profession while making a difference in the lives of clients through his analysis. Even before his graduation from Vanderbilt University with his BS in Engineering, Eric was finding ways to positively impact the lives of those around him. His undergraduate senior design project—developing a shock tube that replicates an IED blast—was one such innovation. Not only did the lengthy design process yield a viable final design for his sponsors, but it could help shape future development of advanced protective equipment that could save the eyesight of service men and women exposed to an explosion.

You will see a bit more of Eric’s naturally competitive nature outside of work. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family playing board games, tennis, and golf. His favorite hobbies are water sports (slaloming and wakeboarding) and tennis. You may even catch him at a local concert or two.

Matthew Adams joined DELTA |v| as an Associate Engineer in 2018.

His passion for engineering was inspired by a love of working on vehicles—particularly his truck. In his role, Matthew gets the daily opportunity to apply his engineering and critical-thinking skills to uncover solutions to client challenges. While each day is different, he most often is traveling to assist with fieldwork, writing up incident reports, or helping manage vehicle incident data.

Matthew graduated from the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. One of his crowning achievements as a student athlete was earning Honorable Mention All-American as part of his alma mater’s swim team.

Outside of work you’ll find Matthew, well, outside. He loves to be active and is always ready to tackle a new adventure, particularly if it involves water (fishing, kayaking, etc.).