Tom Bemont Leads Internal Field Equipment & Warehouse Reorganization Effort

DELTA [v] Completes Warehouse & Equipment Enhancement Project.

Charlotte, NC – Tom Bemont, Draftsman at DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, recently completed a professional development project that included improving and maintaining DELTA [v]’s warehouse and field equipment. The enhancements were unveiled during the Q2 2011 staff meeting on April 11, 2011.

Being solely dedicated and fully equipped to investigate motor vehicle incidents requires a greatly deal of field equipment.  DELTA [v]’s warehouse inventory includes:

  • Two VBOX Logging Modules used for precise GPS readings of vehicle speed and position.
  • A Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Module utilized to extract crash data from a passenger vehicle’s airbag control module.
  • Recently upgraded, commercially calibrated camera equipment that provides for post-fieldwork photogrammetry techniques.
  • Two Total Survey Stations that provide accurate scene and vehicle measurements.
  • Vast array of mechanic tools, roadside safety equipment, and video rigging and capturing equipment.
  • Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder (HVEDR) Download Center and ECM Storage facility used to access, extract and store any commercial vehicle black box.



Based on the success of this project, Tom Bemont has taken on responsibility for maintaining and calibrating all field equipment and warehouse supplies.  He also prepares the equipment for DELTA [v]’s rapid response work, as well as, receives and secures all data collected during the team’s fieldwork.