DELTA [v]’s Engineers Team Up to Discuss Human Factors Methodology

Don Roberts Attends Industry Conference & Shares Human Factors Expertise with Colleagues – Evanston, IL/Charlotte, NC 

Don Roberts, Professional Engineer at DELTA [v], attended the “Advanced Crash Reconstruction – Utilizing Human Factors Research”. The week-long  course was offered by Northwestern University in March 2011. 

 Jeff Muttart, a nationally recognized subject matter expert, offered insight on topics like perception response times (PRT), collision avoidance, effects of weather on driver response and nighttime visibility of pedestrians. The group also studied typical driver responses to other vehicles, traffic signals, and potential roadway hazards. 

 Since March, Don Roberts has had the opportunity to put his newly acquired Human Factors Certification to use in several recent crash investigations.  He also formally presented this information to his engineering peers at DELTA [v].  

 On July 19th, the DELTA [v] team met for a dedicated discussion on the influence of Human Factors to Vehicle Crashes.  The group shared recent case studies where driver behavior played a key role in collision causation. They then explained the calculations & methodology used in the engineering analysis.  The meeting gave the DELTA [v] engineering team an opportunity and forum to share the latest developments in human factors research and publishing.


 About DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, Inc.

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