DELTA [v] Updates ECM Recording Capabilities Magnet

New Infographic Containing Available HVEDR Reports & Data

Charlotte, NC – September 2010 – Last fall, DELTA [v] released an infographic that summarized the data recording capabilities of Heavy Vehicle Events Data Recorders. The table was published as a reference magnet.

DELTA [v] has updated and released a new version of this reference. The magnet now includes each truck engine manufacturer, the year their ECM began recording incident data, the types of incident reports that may be available, and the data included on the incident report. The updated infographic has again been published in magnet form.

The new reference guide debuted at the Arkansas Trucking Seminar during a presentation given by Brian Anders & Tim Cheek titled “Along for the Ride: A Real-Time HVEDR Demonstration.” The magnet was used during the presentation to show what types of incident related data are available on heavy vehicles.

To receive the new reference magnet, contact Stacy Cassio at