DELTA [v] Provides Safety Training on HVEDR Equipment

Anders & Cheek Instruct Fleet’s ECM Training

Arkansas – June 2010 – Brian Anders & Tim Cheek, engineers at DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, Inc., recently traveled to Arkansas to conduct a three hour safety seminar on HVEDR technology.  The course was part of an Arkansas-based trucking company’s internal educational program. 

The course, titled “Understanding Your Event Data Recorders”, included both classroom instruction and hands-on field training. The group discussed recent technology advances that are affecting the trucking community.  They also tested the fleet’s HVEDR equipment to provide a better understanding of the ECM data and recording capabilities.

The training was offered to the fleet’s safety, maintenance, and claims departments.  One attendee commented “Great class and interaction…I have come back to the office better educated.”

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