DELTA [v] Presents on CDR Technology

Heath Spivey Offers Training on Passenger Vehicle Black Boxes

Columbia, SC  – June 2010 – Heath Spivey, Engineering Associate at DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, Inc., recently spoke at the Columbia Claims Association.  His presentation was titled “Event Data Recorders: Unbiased Observer or Intrusive Spy”.  

The group learned about passenger vehicle event data recorder (EDR) technology and data availability.  Also covered during the seminar were future federal and state legislation that will have an impact on the vehicle insurance industry.  The presentation concluded with the attendees watching a crash test performed by DELTA [v].  The video demonstrates how  accident specific data is recorded by CDRs, as well as what data is available.

CDR technology is commonly used by accident reconstructionists to understand passenger vehicle incidents.  Retrievable CDR Data may include vehicle speed, engine RPM, brake status, and seat belt status.  Using this information in combination with traditional methods of reconstruction often paints a clear picture of the collision sequence.

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