DELTA [v] Plans for CDR Technology Advances

Tim Cheek Attends Industry Conference & Shares Passenger Vehicle Black Box Advances with DELTA | v | Colleagues – Houston, TX/Charlotte, NC

Tim Cheek, Principal Engineer, attended the CDR Summit in Houston, TX on January 17-19, 2011. The annual event attracts world-wide crash investigators to gather and discuss advancements in vehicle event data recorder technology.

This year’s conference was attended by 250 forensic investigators, law enforcement and vehicle manufacturer representatives. Some topics featured at the event were Ford PCMs (Powertrain Control Module), the Protocols for a Crash Data Collection Guide, and Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders, and how personal GPS devices may record crash-related data.

Upon Tim’s return from the event, the DELTA [v] team assembled February 22, 2011 to discuss the latest developments in vehicle technology and how to utilize these technologies in DELTA [v] EDR Download Protocols. For instance, until 2011 only domestic vehicle manufacturers provided the hardware to retrieve crash-related data. Recently, Toyota announced that their crash-related data will now be publicly accessible. Besides addressing crash-data retrieval protocols, the team also agreed upon additional hardware & software needed to access the new vehicle technology.

Because DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering is solely dedicated to motor vehicle incident analysis, the engineering team meets regularly to stay informed and utilize the latest vehicle technology advancements with each accident reconstruction.