DELTA |v| logo refresh – What’s in a name?

Much discussion has swirled in the business communities around naming a company.  Household names like UPS, Google and Coke are instantly identifiable.  A great name is supposed to define your offering and be memorable by your customers.  Many service companies like law, accounting and engineering firms are named after their founding members who had built strong, individual reputations.  I took a different route when naming DELTA |v|.

I was the sole employee of DELTA |v| at start-up and was strongly encouraged by friends and clients to put my name on the door.  This would have caused me to swell with pride, but I always wanted the company to outgrow me and take on a life of its own, where professionals would thrive and clients benefit.  My name never made it on the door.  I also wanted to put a flag in the ground as to what we would be known for: motor vehicle accident reconstruction.  I heard concern that such a narrow offering would not be enough to survive.

“DELTA |v|” is a term in accident reconstruction meaning a change in velocity or acceleration.  That’s what I was after, an industry relevant term that showed the dynamic nature of the firm.  Each day we continue accelerating forward in our technology, expertise and client service.  We have discovered that “DELTA |v|” actually sounds pretty cool and is very memorable.

We recently re-visited the styling of our classic logo design shown below and decided a refresh would compliment our expansion into Tennessee, our first significant step toward national growth.


The new logo design shown below is bolder and more modern.  This is consistent with our cutting edge approach in using the latest technology and engaging clients in an authentic manner.

Dv Logo - inline blog post

Thanks to a thoughtful name, our DELTA |v| professionals have a clear purpose which has allowed us to become true experts in the field.

Brian K. Anders
Founder (2004)