Thomas Bemont

Field Technician/Draftsman

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"They may not realize it, but most clients see my work."

Tom Bemont is DELTA |v|’s  hub for processing field equipment and collected data.  He received factory certified training from Faro and AutoDesk in 3D scanning technology and drafting techniques and uses these skills and tools daily to combine complex scans into renderings of damaged vehicles and collision scenes.  Tom also prepares trial exhibits with of 2D line drawings, 3D point cloud models, animations, and video presentations that are used by DELTA |v| engineers during trial.  He holds a vocational certification in mechanical drafting.

You’re likely to have spoken with Tom if you’ve ever submitted a Mack/Volvo ECM for processing as he is responsible for handling  all requests for this specialized service, cataloguing the evidence in a secure manner.  You can often hear him on the phone advising clients on where to find modules in the truck and the type of data that may be recorded in an incident.

After a long day of assisting engineers and serving clients, Tom likes to kick back with a cigar from his vast and impressive collection.