Samantha Ouellette, BA

Client Engagement Manager

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"The technical, science-based aspects of engineering amaze me."

Samantha (Sam) Ouellette, Client Engagement Manager, joined the DELTA |v| team in 2015 and has been a driving force ever since. Sam serves as the first point of contact for clients, helping them determine the best course of action for any situation they may be in, whether they need a wreck analysis, a download, or a different DELTA |v| service. Sam helps clients meet their goals by ensuring that progress is made on Charlotte projects and that they are completed on time. Sam also schedules depositions and mediations. Her ultimate goal at DELTA |v| is to make clients happy and she achieves that goal daily.

Since graduating from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English, Sam has amassed a great deal of experience in engineering project coordination. Before joining DELTA |v|, Sam held similar engineering project coordination roles at DesignLine USA and EPV Corporation.

Sam enjoys expanding her horizons through travel. She lived in Panama for two years, has visited Tokyo and is planning a trip to New Zealand or Hong Kong soon. She is also a Food Network buff and can be found whipping up dishes in her kitchen, from fresh bread to beef Wellington. When she’s not working, traveling or cooking, Sam involves herself in anything Star Wars-related or plays video games with her husband.