Megan Cote, BA

Operations/HR Specialist

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"If you can change business for the better, you can make the world a better place."

Megan Cote joined DELTA |v| as Operations/HR Specialist in 2018. She received her BA in Economics with an emphasis on Public Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

In her multifaceted role, Megan is responsible for providing internal support to employees and ensuring that every individual has what they need for success. Fostering relationships with her colleagues is incredibly important to her. She is also responsible for sourcing extraordinary talent that will embrace and contribute to the culture at DELTA |v|.

Megan firmly believes a company that stands behind its people is a company worth dedicating her time to. In her own words:

“It’s important to ensure that all voices are heard and that no individual feels undermined or underrepresented. A great atmosphere that fosters growth and discussion of innovative ideas contributes to employee happiness.”

Megan cherishes her DELTA |v| colleagues and the genuinely warm and open personalities that make coming in each day a pleasure.  As the company continues to grow, each day brings a new and exciting challenge. And that’s where Megan feels right at home.

On the weekends (and generally during any stretch of time off), you may find Megan reading, learning a new skill, or seeking out a new adventure in the great outdoors. She has a passion for environmental awareness and discovering ways to acquire new knowledge every day.