Jennifer Jeffryes Volk, BS

Office/HR Manager

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"I enjoy when processes and procedures that have been developed are implemented…and successful!"

Jennifer wears many hats at DELTA |v|, but her most visible is that of Office/HR Manager.  In her role, she touches nearly every assignment that comes through our doors.  She strives to create a consistent client experience as she opens new assignments, coordinates fieldwork and approves outgoing invoices.  In fact, many deliverables received by clients have Jennifer’s blessing.

Clients enjoy Jennifer’s engaging personality, particularly when pressure is high and deadlines are tight.  She has immersed herself in every aspect of the DELTA |v| life including fieldwork, evidence preservation, Mack/Volvo ECM processing, project management, and trial preparation.  This breadth of experience makes her extremely effective in handling all types of client matters.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, so her draw to the investigative work of DELTA |v| was an obvious fit.  She also has experience in retail, working hand-in-hand with customers for nearly eight years during college and prior to joining DELTA |v|.  She thrives in interpersonal relationships, giving both her and DELTA |v| an edge.

Jennifer embodies the essence of DELTA |v|’s outgoing culture in her personal styling and interests.  She drives a Jeep, rides motocross, enjoys camping, and often takes impromptu road trips with no destination in mind.  Walking past Jennifer’s office, you’ll likely hear vintage rock and roll playing in the background while she handily assists high-end clients.