Heath Spivey, MS, PE

Professional Engineer

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"This industry can be challenging because hardly any two days are alike. Flexibility is essential."

Heath Spivey is a DELTA |v| expert experienced in international testimony. While his charming southern accent wasn’t the norm in the United Kingdom, the quality of his work and trial testimony was well understood.

Professionally, Heath is the embodiment of perseverance.  Heath joined DELTA |v| in 2007 as an associate engineer, with a B.A. in Mechanical Engineering from N.C. State. Since then, he has worked tirelessly managing complex client files during the day while earning a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at night and on weekends.  His Master’s focus on nighttime human factors has been invaluable in helping clients resolve motor vehicle claims.  Heath also has advanced, gaining formal training in vehicle simulation analysis and data harvesting of event data recorders in all kinds of vehicles.

Heath’s pioneering spirit also helped him launch DELTA |v|’s the first regional office for in Nashville, Tennessee (2014). A major milestone in the company’s history, the Nashville office has been well received by clients needing a reliable resource in that area.  Heath combines his technical prowess with an easygoing and approachable style that lends him great credibility when testifying in various legal settings.

In his free time, Heath enjoys boating, kickball, mountain biking and participating in mud runs.  With his outgoing personality, it’s no surprise that he thrives at DELTA |v|.