Alain Bucio, BS, EI

Associate Engineer

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"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

Alain Bucio joined DELTA |v| as an Associate Engineer in November 2018.

In his role, he assists in processing crash sites and vehicles by conducting 3-D scans, aerial photography, EDR downloads, drive through video, and more. He relishes the opportunity to understand the how and why of things; what he refers to as a “Sherlock Holmes” approach.  It aligns well with DELTA |v|’s objective of presenting unbiased facts based upon evidence and collected data.

Everything that Alain could’ve asked for in an employer and work environment, he found with DELTA |v|. In his own words:

“I chose DELTA |v| because it combined my biggest passions together; cars, photography and videography, and engineering. And I am working alongside professionals with like-minded goals; learning from the best to be the best! What more could someone ask for?”

Alain earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder. During this time, he worked on the Mesa Motorsports team where he designed, developed, and produced the wiring harness, electronic dash, and carbon fiber seat and body for a Formula SAE car. During his senior year, Alain was involved in Project Quick-Foot, a design project that involved using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and generative design to make a lighter quick release mechanism for people with lower-limb prosthesis while satisfying ISO standards.

Alain is a self-proclaimed Fettuccine Alfredo connoisseur whose passion for working with vehicles is as present in his personal life as it is professionally. On the weekends, he enjoys restoring cars, offering vehicle photography and videography services to personal clients, and working on his own custom build.