DELTA [v] Founder Becomes Qualified Video Analysis Expert

Greenville, SC  – April 2010 - Brian Anders, Founder and Professional Engineer at DELTA [v] Forensic Engineering, Inc., recently testified on the vehicle speed of a police car based on its in-car surveillance video footage.
Mr. Anders was hired to determine the top speed of the pursuing vehicle during a police chase. DELTA [v]’s team was able to initially estimate the speed by comparing the surveillance video to roadway geometries of the incident location through an aerial photograph.
To confirm their inital estimates, the team equipped a base-line vehicle with an in-car camera and drove the vehicle through the same route at a known speed.  Video post-editing software was used to evaulate the accuracy of the time clock on the in-car camera.  Once the camera’s accuracy was confirmed, the known speed of the base-line vehicle was then compared to the police car.  To view this analysis, click on the link below.
Video analysis techniques are becoming more commonly used among the accident reconctruction industry.  For example, DELTA [v] often  videotapes traffic patterns at an incident-related intersection for acceleration rates or turning sequences.  More recently, DELTA [v] have seen an increased the analysis of business surveillance footage for collision specific data.